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My 2018 Goals!!

I think that anyone who knows me (really knows me) knows that I am a goal oriented person. I'm not sure when that started but I am. I would always try to make New Year's Resolutions. They would never work, by the way. They were always far too general. Then I found a blog post about making New Year's Goals. I believe it was by Maggie Stiefvater. (I can't find it anymore...) I think I found this blog post in 2011. It suggested instead of setting generic New Year's Resolutions, we set specific New Year's Goals. I did just that and ever since I've completed the majority of those goals each year.

I posted a poll on my Facebook page asking what I should do a blog post about first: my 2018 goals or my morning routine. My 2018 goals got the most votes so that's what I'm going to be sharing with you today. And I would love to hear any goals you have, as well! We could motivate each other! :)

My 2018 Goals (and my progress):

CHECK!! 1. Read 30 books in 2018. (I've finished 12 so far. According to GoodReads I'm 4 books ahead of schedule.) (Ended up reading 42.)

CHECK!! 2. Publish Angel (a Beauty of the Dark novel, book three). (I just sent this off to my editor yesterday. If all goes as planned this should be out by my birthday. May 18th.)

CHECK!! 3. Publish an omnibus/boxed set edition of my Beauty of the Dark series with a bonus short story.

CHECK!! 4. Submit to an anthology. (I submitted to one and was accepted. That book is called Capture. It's a Dark Paranormal Romance anthology that you can find here.)

CHECK!! 5. Take Advanced Photoshop Course. (I just completed this goal today. The online school is based in Ireland so I got what I believe is called an EQF Level 5 Diploma. Equivalent to an Associate's Degree in the USA.)

6. Try to stick to a morning routine. (I've been doing pretty well with this. The main thing I could work on is getting up when I actually plan to.)

CHECK!! 7. Workout 3-5 times a week. (For most of the first two months of the year, I was sick so working out just didn't happen. But I've been keeping track. In March I worked out 21 out of 31 days so I'm very happy with that. Not sure what my April count is yet. I think it may be helping with my anxiety, as well.) (Are you interested in looking into online counseling? Please see this article on BetterHelp to get you started.)

CHECK!! 8. Do a NaNoWriMo. (I'm not sure which one yet. Probably Camp NaNoWriMo in July.) (Ended up doing THE NaNoWriMo - the one in November.)

9. Clean out my closet. (Scary. But I did this thing for Lent where I got rid of one thing for 40 days so that started off the long process.)

10. Build my dollhouse. (I've had this dollhouse for a while and really want to build it. What a great way to immerse myself in another world of my own making. ;) )

Okay, those are my goals. I've achieved two of them and am very close to achieving a third. Hopefully by the end of May!! Two of these are more ongoing things so at the end of the year I'll see how I've done. Actually, three of them are, really. I am happy with my progress on these.

As I said, I'm a goal oriented person so having these to look at and see what I'm working towards really helps me. I have these written on the inside cover of my planner, as well. I'm no expert on goals and goal setting, all that jazz, but if anyone wants me to talk more about goals and how I go about working towards them, I'd be more than happy to do so. All you have to do is let me know in the comments. And also, please share some of your goals in the comments!! I'd love to know and as I said, maybe we can motivate each other!!

A belated Happy New Year to you!! <3

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