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My Top Ten Favorite YouTubers

Hello, loves!! I'm going to be honest with you, I'm just starting out on this blogging once a week thing. Cross your fingers for me. For the first one I did pick a topic which would be a little bit easier to put together. I really like YouTube and there are some favorite YouTubers of mine that I thought I'd share in a quick blog post today. I'm going to list them out and tell a little tidbit about what they do. Each channel will also be linked if you click on their name. I hope you enjoy. And let me know some of your favorite YouTubers below. :)

Lifestyle, organization, wellness, travel.

Daily coffee talks every other month.

Self-Publishing advice, writing advice, planners, advice on making and sticking to goals.

Lifestyle, wellness, creativity.

BookTuber and AuthorTuber. Reading and writing vlogs, book hauls, etc.

AuthorTuber. Lots of writing vlogs. Does writing experiments where she writes like a famous author for a day.

Mindset, business, social media, manifestation.

Lifestyle, organization, motivation, routines.

AuthorTuber. Writing vlogs, writing and publishing tips.

Health, lifestyle, DIY, organization, motivation.

Summing up, four are AuthorTubers and/or BookTubers (not surprising, since I am an author). Five are mostly to do with lifestyle, organization, and the like. And one is a combination of lifestyle. manifestation, and business. And there are other YouTubers I really like but I was trying to make this my top ten. It wasn't super hard but it wasn't super easy. I pretty much went by who I've been watching most often this year. I also watch a lot of Marvel related videos. And a lot of interviews with Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior, and David Tennant. As well as random writing, and planning videos. So do you follow anyone listed above? Any other YouTubers you love that you want to share? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!! <3

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