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Happy Release Day Bloodlust!!

Today is the release day for that unexpected short story in my Beauty of the Dark world!! Bloodlust is LIVE now!! Check out the cover and blurb below. The Amazon buy link is at the end of this post. :)  And if you want a chance to get an ARC there are three different ways to do so (including a giveaway) so make sure to read this whole post to find out how to get one. :)

Blood calls to him.

He had a family, friends, a life. When he’s turned he runs to protect them. But soon his life morphs into a crazed desire for blood.

Years after his transformation he comes upon a woman in New Orleans who he swears knows what he is on sight. Turns out she’s a witch. And he’s dying to find out what her blood tastes like.

Bloodlust can be read at any time during the Beauty of the Dark series but is best enjoyed after at least reading book one, Scarred.

Bloodlust is a short story of approximately 8,000 words.

Want an ARC?? Here are three ways to get one!!

Enter the giveaway on my homepage!!

You can fill out this form!! I'll be sending a second round of ARCs probably the end of this week.

Do you use BookSprout? I have an ARC of Bloodlust available there, too!!

Thank you so much for your support everyone! I hope you enjoy this short story!

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