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Happy New Year everyone!!

This blog post is a little bit late but I still wanted to get this one up. First, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I’m planning to work on this blog this year. Both of these things are actually listed in my goals for 2019. Which I will share with you in this blog post, as well. Anyway, I want to post something once a month to this blog. I think this will be in addition to if I post something to promote a new book (a cover reveal, release blitz, et cetera) but I’m not 100% certain yet. I am pretty sure, though. So, that is one blog post on here every month. But something else I want to do is interview someone (probably mostly authors but could also be bloggers, cover designers, photographers, et cetera) on this blog every other month. This is not in addition to what I mentioned above.

In other words, one month will be a blog post from me, the next will be an interview, so on and so forth. Since I’ve said that, if anyone is interested in being interviewed on this blog, please feel free to contact me via the contact page. (I do have another blog but that one is only for book promotions.)

Now that I’ve said that, onto my goals for 2019!! I set goals rather than resolutions. Resolutions just didn’t work for me. Goals have a little bit more of an endpoint or they are a little bit easier to measure. I don’t set more than ten goals (although I may make note of a few habits that I want to try to do.) I thought I’d share my goals for this year with you below.

1. Read 32 books.

2. Clean out my closet.

3. Write 1,000 words four days a week.

4. Publish Begin Again.

5. Publish cookbook with my mom.

6. Finish draft of Dark Book.

7. Edit Kaleib and Melinda’s story.

8. Write story for country music anthology.

9. Post to my author blog 1x a month.

10. Post an interview to my author blog every other month.

So, those are my goals! And yes, there are a few projects there that I have not told you about. I will later on. As you’ll notice, almost every single one of my goals has to do with my writing or my writing career. Those are the things that make me happy. I love to publish books and finish stories, so those are things that make a constant appearance on my list of goals. These aren’t the only things I want to do in 2019, they are just my ten main goals. (I actually have a list of 100 things I want to do before 2020. This is my first year doing this because it was in the Lavendaire Artist of Life Workbook. A workbook that I got for the first time this year and I LOVE it. I can do a review of that if you’d like.) Obviously, most of them are bigger things that need to broken down into smaller projects and tasks. And that is what I do in my monthly and weekly planning. Which is actually something that I find is changing a bit this year. That’s another topic.

Do you have some goals for 2019? I would LOVE to hear about them below!! We can try to keep each other accountable. And if you’d like a more in-depth look at how I break down my goals and my planning, I can absolutely do that, too.

My blog posts are probably going to go up earlier than this throughout the rest of the year but January is very much a bit of an experiment. Again, let me know your goals below!! Happy 2019!!!!

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