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Cover Reveal | ANGEL (a Beauty of the Dark novel, book three)

I can't believe this day is here!! When I get to reveal this GORGEOUS cover to the world!! Isn't Najla Qamber a design goddess??

💙 Cover Reveal 💙

Angel by #AmandaLeigh Series: a Beauty of the Dark novel, book three #YoungAdult #NewAdult #ParanormalRomance

The conclusion to Amanda Leigh's Paranormal Romance trilogy.

With a battle close at hand, Kiara must face the darkness inside her.

The only way for Kiara to save her loved ones from a sinister demon is to turn herself over. But doing so would ensure the destruction of not just those she loves, but the whole world. When she refuses, someone close is taken from her in warning, sending her into hiding with Trent and Kaleib. While a battle looms, Trent and Kaleib must put aside their hostilities toward each other to protect Kiara. They help her navigate the impending fight, not to mention the hunger fighting within her.

As the final fight draws near, Kiara and Trent grow closer, the limited space ramping up tension and making their passion hard to deny. Will their feelings strengthen them or be their undoing?

When the time comes, will Kiara yield to the darkness within her to destroy the monster haunting her?

💙 Releasing MAY 18th!! 💙 #GOODREADS: 💙 COVERDESIGNER: Najla Qamber Designs

💙 Start the #series today! *Books MUST be read in order!* ONE-CLICK:

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