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My Heart is Yours


Would you defy family for love?

Sam lost her biological parents at age five and was adopted into a loving family soon after. She has three overprotective brothers, their three best friends and two loving parents. Their world is turned upside down when their parents are killed in a car crash. Not wanting the family to split up her oldest brother, Craig, becomes her and her brothers legal guardian. Sam loves her older brother but he is the most overprotective of them all. Especially when he sees her and their long time friend, Jason, growing closer.

Sam denies that she has feelings for Jason but everyone else can see it (except Jason.) Her brother John says she’s afraid Craig won’t approve. It’s true, Sam is worried about that, but is that all that’s holding her back?

She doesn’t want to upset her older brother but deep down she knows there’s another reason for her denial. Sam has experienced so much loss, can she overcome that and open her heart? Even if she can, will Craig stand between them? What will she do if he does?

Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings.png

Laura Sansone loves Christmas.

The tree, the decorations, the family breakfast, the gift giving and getting. All of it. But this year her family gets the wrong kind of surprise on Christmas day.

Christmas Blessings is a short story of about 10,000 words. A short, heartwarming story about family, holiday cheer, small town charm, and the true blessings in life.

Begin Again

Begin Again Ebook.jpg

Sometimes life gives you a second chance...and sometimes you have to take one for yourself.

When Tori's house burns down with her abusive husband inside, she flees with her six year old daughter to start anew. They leave town and stay in a motel.

It doesn’t take long for Tori’s small savings to run dry, and they find themselves struggling once more. One day, they meet a kind stranger who pays for their meal. The purse this stranger leaves behind could change everything...but not how Tori imagines.

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