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INTERVIEW with K. Webster!!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I am super excited for this blog post!! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I want to interview someone every other month on this blog. I have a list of 100 Things I Want to Do Before 2020. On that list, I have a few people I wanted to interview on my blog this year. One of those people was K. Webster. And here it is!! The first interview of the year. I get to cross that one off my list. I read my first K. Webster book in 2016. Zeke’s Eden (no sequel in sight yet….lol) and my second K. Webster book was Whispers and the Roars. I believe it was December 30th 2016 when I woke up at 2:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I picked up the book, intending to read a few pages. Next thing I knew I’d finished the book and it was 5:30 in the morning. That was the one that got me hooked. I think I’ve read maybe a dozen of her books since then but that’s nothing compared to how many she’s written. Want to find out more about her? Then keep reading!!

Amanda:  Give us a quick introduction to you. Published books, what you write, etc. K. Webster: I’m K. Webster and I’ve published over 70 books in all different categories of romance. I tend to write a variety, so I have everything from sweet and sexy books to devious and deadly ones!

Amanda: Favorite book you’ve published so far? K. Webster: My favorite book is The Wild. It’s also the book I’ve read the most. I feel ultra protective over that book because of all the crud it went through, so it’ll probably stay in the number one slot as favorite for a while yet.

Amanda: Most fun character to write? Favorite character to write? (Because they can definitely be different.) Hardest to write? K. Webster: The most fun character to write was Javier from El Malo. I loved that he was a good dressing, sweet talkin’, dancing, sexy evil villain who loved to torture. My favorite character to write was Torin from My Torin because I loved getting inside his head. The hardest to write was Kady from Whispers and the Roars…I took my time with her and it ended up taking about 9 months of working on her to get her perfectly right. Amanda: I’ve read every one of those!!

Amanda: Did you like to read as a child? Favorite book? Do you still have that book or reread it now? K. Webster: My mom says I would look at books at 9 months old and wouldn’t eat the pages. I’ve pretty much come out of the womb with a book in hand ha! I used to love The Babysitter’s Club and all the R.L. Stine books. I have a whole collection of R.L. Stine books and would totally read them if the mood strikes! Amanda: I loved both of those as a kid.

Amanda: Have you always been a writer/storyteller? How did you start? K. Webster: All my life for sure. I’ve been writing stories and drawing pictures to go with them since I was little. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I actually sat down to write an actual book. I actually got the courage to do it when a friend of mine told me she was writing a book. I figured if she could, I could too. Amanda: That’s pretty much exactly what I did as a child.

Amanda: Do you write to music? If so, what kind? I love to hear about new music! K. Webster: I have playlists that go with my books that I listen to while I’m driving around to get in the mood, but I prefer silence when I write. Sometimes, though, I can’t avoid music or noise and end up listening to whatever the hubs puts on when writing.

Amanda: I know for me, there have been some funny stories since I’ve been deep in the trenches of writing. Like a realization about a work in progress or characters (the funniest has to do with the song Mirrors by JT.) Do you have any funny stories that you’d like to share? K. Webster: I don’t really have any funny stories aside from the fact that my daughter has caught me mimicking the expressions of my characters so I can accurately describe them haha!

Amanda: Do you have a typical process or any writing rituals? Anything you have to have with you while writing? (Besides computer, paper, typewriter, whichever…) K. Webster: I hate being interrupted when I start writing so everything has to be exactly right: coffee, blanket, chair, soundless environment, no visitors expected, no appointments. In order for me to write really well, I just have to be able to disappear into my mind for a few hours.

Amanda: Who is a character that has influenced you (not from your books)? K. Webster: I don’t know that a character specifically has influenced me, but whenever I watch shows with really tortured heroes/antiheroes/villains, I tend to feel for them and watch them obsessively. To name a few, Frank from The Punisher, Negan from The Walking Dead, Maleficent, Loki from Thor, etc. If there’s a tortured hero, I become enamored and I watch his/her every move…as a result, I learn things about their behavior and stuff that translates into writing. Amanda: I do have a couple of characters that influenced me but this sounds like me. I’m more of antihero/villain kind of girl. I love Maleficent, too. Oh, my Loki!! My favorite antihero!! (Or villain depending on who you ask. I think antihero, though.)

One of my favorite pictures of the God of Mischief.

Amanda: Which of your characters would you least want to go on a road trip with? Why? Most want to? K. Webster: Probably would hate to go on a road trip with Benny from the Pretty Little Dolls series because I’d rather not leave a trail of bodies in my wake. And I think it’d be fun to go on a road trip with Andi from Hate 2 Lovers because she’s sassy and hilarious and likes to drink a lot.

Amanda: Top three favorite books and authors right now. K. Webster: The Eighth House by Eris Adderly Love Me Whole by Nicky James Gone by Michael Grant Amanda: I have to admit, the only of those I’ve heard of is Gone by Michael Grant. I’ll have to look into them.

Amanda: Favorite writing craft book? K. Webster: I don’t have any favorite writing craft books. I do love to go on Pinterest and peruse their writing boards though to find other ways to describe eye color, skin color, sounds of voices, etc.

Amanda: This or that: K. Webster: Strawberry vs. Chocolate Poetry vs. Fiction  First draft vs. Editing T. V. Show vs. Movie Book vs. Movie Hero vs. Villain Villiain vs. Anti-Hero Witch vs. Vampire E-book vs. Physical Book Tea vs. Coffee

Amanda: Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now? K. Webster: I’m working on like ten different things ha! A lot of co-writes coming out this year, lots more aliens, and a SUPER HOT and ANGSTY romance I’m working on for hopefully the summer! You know I’m super secretive hahaha! Amanda: You’re always working on like 10 different things and have secret projects!!!!

Amanda: Any last comments to share? K. Webster: Thank you for wanting to pick my brain! I am immensely grateful that I can do the most awesome thing in the world (write) and get paid for it. Dreams really do come true…I’m living mine! Amanda: Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog for this interview!! I think you’re amazing and I definitely look up to you as an author!!

I hope all you K. Webster fans out there enjoyed it and learned a little something new. I learned a few things (but let’s be honest, I knew villain was going to win out over hero. ) And if you haven’t read any of K. Webster’s books, you certainly have plenty to choose from. I’d recommend Whispers and the Roars or My Torin for some deep reads. Hale is terrific if you’re good with some pretty super taboo subject matter. And if you want something light, fun and sexy you should probably check out her Taboo Treats. You can find all her information linked below.

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers. Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

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